The ConsultNet Advantage

We focus on IT so you focus on your Business – From Strategy to Execution

ConsultNet designs, implements and manages your evolving IT Solutions (Strategy) for Industrial, Commercial and Retail applications. We are specifically focused on proactive IT monitoring and anticipation of issues and opportunities in your business work flow. Our clients appreciate our ability to deliver on or before schedule and where down time and access to their IT business tools are important.

What makes ConsultNet different is our high focus on our client centric culture and how it creates daily and future value for our clients. It is not enough to fix what is broken at the moment, we must listen and assess – design and plan – monitor and anticipate – communicate and follow up – evolve and deliver with proven systems.

Why our Clients Choose ConsultNet

    1. What makes us different is our ability to listen and interpret how our clients deliver their business services.

    2. We become an integral part of their overall leadership team.

    3. They rely on us to connect all of our business systems, communication, data, storage and retrieval.

How ConsultNet Makes Your Business Better

    • We prepare the proper plan for IT roll outs to minimize client disruption
    • We trouble shoot and calibrate per the engineering specs
    • We build capability for the future, both in IT evolution and scaling of the company
    • We monitor the IT environment (infrastructure) and provide improvements as needed to manage the conditions
    • We maintain and manage the conditions to obtain the performance goals of the client