ConsultNet Culture


What makes ConsultNet different is our high focus on our client centric culture and how it creates daily and future value for our clients. It is not enough to fix what is broken at the moment, we must listen and assess design and plan monitor and anticipate communicate and follow up evolve and deliver with proven systems.


We push communication through automation, but we don’t forget the value of in person discussions. Our clients appreciate being Face to Face to make sure we KNOW them, RESPECT and UNDERSTAND their business models and FOCUS on their priorities.

Internally, we believe in TEAMWORK. That is leveraging our individuals’ talents, passions and efforts. This includes documentation for each client application as well as effective weekly staff meetings for production, quality control and driving value - for both our customers and ourselves.


Communication starts with anticipation. We begin with assessing the client, their systems, even their personalities. Follow-up, during and after the work is completed is critical. We call up after we have completed work to make sure the solution was effective, but more importantly that the client is satisfied and comfortable. Making sure the client knows that they were well serviced is important for them and for us.


You have had moments like this, where everything is a panic and you want reaction and solutions in that moment. Our first priority at ConsultNet is to be a calming influence, identify and triage and set forth a clear set of expectations and next steps. Everything will be okay and our clients ease out of panic mode because we have designed and monitored their system along with anticipating and communicating along the way.

We conduct “well-being checks” with a purposeful regularity. These generate hands on, honest, tell me really what’s going on type of interactions. These help us ‘connect’ with the client, demonstrate what we are doing and show value. We communicate directly with the employees affected. We keep our team and the ConsultNet relationship manager copied on emails or in our documentation tools so we can collaborate and coordinate most effectively.

Sometimes it’s a wave in the doorway or other ways to keep everyone in the loop.

It’s also being present – which leads to comfort, whether we are physically there or not.


The employees that are drawn to ConsultNet come in part because of their Drive to Excel and work with Cutting Edge applications of technology in the business setting. We see ourselves as an integral part of the client’s Senior Management Team, and as such, we help guide them on how to use and integrate technology to drive their business and their relationship with their clients and employees.

We have a dedicated ‘Tech Time’ set aside weekly to work on current, short term and long range technologies and how they are and can be applied to the business world. We have an on-site lab to test and implement technologies and practices in live fire situations.

IT is continuing to evolve. It cannot be fixed and just left alone. We embrace that. If you have the desire to be at the forefront of your industry by leveraging available IT next solutions, please consider ConsultNet and we will bring our passion to you.

Proven Systems

We have invested in our back office infrastructure and tech tools to enable us to be in more places at the same time. While our techs are the best at adapting and trouble shooting in the moment, we place an even higher priority on anticipation, communication and systems.

We have a long track record of successful deployments of responsive, time sensitive and critical systems all centered around driving performance in your IT business technology.

Team and Redundancy – We believe in proven systems and our techs are always training in the ConsultNet system of design and implementation. That makes for solid back up.


We build into our internal work flow, record keeping and performance standards. Our focus is on looking ahead and anticipating your next challenge and opportunity.

We proactively monitor your IT infrastructure 24/7 through a combination of automated and manual systems. We plan and anticipate everything we can to make sure your business is running, even when hit with the unexpected.

Value Driven Goals

Certain of our clients have chosen to perform at the highest levels. We know our world. You know yours. Our task and business purpose is to help you with yours by leveraging IT and surrounding systems. We carefully identify where and how we can provide value to our clients.

In 2017, we implemented our ‘Report Card’ system. This is a monthly or quarterly program to help you connect our activities with your business performance goals. Please ask us how we communicate with our clients.


Since you have read this far, consider contacting us if you find our culture, methodology and passion compelling. Please call 630-945-3191 or email for an appointment to schedule a consultation or assessment.

Aside from their wealth of expertise and networking know-how, the members of the ConsultNet team offer a level of attentive and courteous customer care that cannot be compared to any other IT group around. Issues pertaining to technology often leave people feeling vulnerable and uncertain, especially when money and sensitive, personal information is concerned. The ConsultNet team not only handles each call/inquiry with devoted concern, but they also utilize an unparalleled level of thoughtful communication. They not only maintain a level of qualified professionalism that leaves us feeling confident and reassured in their care, but they are also able to articulate problems, options, and solutions in a way that is easy to absorb and understand. To say that we value their level of personable integrities is an understatement.

Brian Herra