Mission Statement – Impact for Clients

ConsultNet IT Solutions

ConsultNet began in 2003 with the goal for driving customer value by addressing current IT Solutions in an efficient, high-integrity manner. Over the past several years, we have evolved into a more proactive partner with our clients focused on driving our clients’ business systems, customer service and communication. We do this by leveraging technology, but only after we spend time listening and understanding our client’s business and how they deliver value to their customers.

ConsultNet is a Client Focused business partner. We deliver value today and into your future through Proactive IT Monitoring, Evolving Network Solutions, Anticipating Challenges and Opportunities and Integration of Technology Platforms.

Listening, planning and execution. As your business evolves, we evolve your IT tools. Adding the human element and understanding your business. Connecting all of your technology with users, purpose and systems.

We focus on IT so you focus on your Business – From Strategy to Execution.

Contact us if you find our culture, methodology and passion compelling. Please call 630-945-3191 or email to schedule an on-site consultation or assessment.

ConsultNet Leadership and Execution Teams

Chris Klemm

Founder and CEO

Chris has been working in the IT field since 1996, starting his own consulting business in 2003.

Chris started ConsultNet in order to deliver a different level of service to clients. How his teams interact with clients is a key driver in his vision for delivering value - every day.

Born and raised in Geneva, he currently resides here with his wife and two school age children.

Charlie Klemm

Operations Manager/SVP

Charlie joined ConsultNet out of college in 2007. He has expanded his role over the past several years into management including directing the on-site technician teams. He has been crucial in building clients relationships.

In 2017, Charlie led the initiative to provide regular ‘report cards’ on delivered performance to key clients. ConsultNet strives to keep internal and client communication, teamwork and priority transparent.

Chris Bobo

Senior Technician

Chris Bobo was added to the team in 2016. In addition to being one of our senior techs, he oversees development and implementation of our internal processes and procedures to continually improve consistency in client monitoring and follow through.

Chris came to us via his prior relationship with a current client of ConsultNet. He has been working closely with Chris Klemm since 2013.

Max Cech

Senior Technician

Max joined us in the late Fall of 2016. He brings unparalleled troubleshooting and project management skills from over 10 years in the IT field.

Max has added responsibilities to monitor and develop our individual team members technical skills and is responsible for assessing each new hire. He is currently developing a formal program for expanding our junior tech team.

Nick Larson


Nick is our newest addition to the team, coming to us in 2018 from serving 4 years in the Marines where he lead a rapid deployment communications team. Uptime and building IT infrastructure in real time are important priorities that he brings to our clients.

Nick has overseen complicated technology projects and made sure they were completed on time and under budget. He is able to quickly understand customer priorities and effectively communicates the technical information both written and orally.

Nick and his wife have relocated to the local area to be closer to family.

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