ConsultNet Case Study

Rapidly Growing Company – HVAC and Plumbing Services Company

ConsultNet HVAC customer service
40 year old HVAC company was outgrowing its current facility, again (3rd time in 5 years). Manpower had increased from 10 people to 25 in past 24 months and vehicles from 4 to 10 service trucks. Recent growth was built upon quick response, excellent customer service (both on-site and scheduling) and consistent follow up. Systems for phones, data entry and order processing were not keeping up with the growth plus all of the people and infrastructure needed to be moved to a new location.
The family-owned business was challenged with growing management staff as well as its processes to continue to deliver the high quality service their customers were used to receiving. The focus was on adding staff to the most critical areas, Field Technicians, Supervisors and Service Writers. Management and CEO time was at a premium.

Having to move was considered a distraction to current work. How to move without disruption of current service volume and quality was the concern – and potential BIG PAIN for the company, its employees and its customers.

New systems of phone, data, software and network needed to be integrated to allow scheduling, customer service and billing to grow while maintaining highest performance levels.

Backup, security and recovery was becoming more and more important to the business.
ConsultNet started working with the Company 8 years ago. Since that time, ConsultNet had staged and managed 3 prior moves. As well, they provided asset management over this time and replacing equipment as it reached its end of life. Regarding budget, about 3 years prior, ConsultNet moved the client to a standard budget so they know exactly what they are spending on IT per year down to the penny.
Planning and Anticipation
Planning comes to mind when thinking about and designing IT Strategies for clients. Planning a physical move at the same time requires anticipation and coordination pulled from solid project management skills. Our advantage is our history and knowledge of the client staff and their business processes to help prioritize 1) what went first, 2) the level of hand-holding per staff member, 3) and application of business systems and business model of the client.
Backup and Redundancy Solutions During the Move
The downside of an even temporary loss of customer access and response was extremely large for this client. Redundancy of systems were required during the move and coordination of the IT systems, the integrated Communication Tools and Manpower were critical. Budgets of client investment, time and manpower were managed as well.
Oversight and Project Management of Integrated Systems
The move of internet, phone services and other non-IT systems were also managed by ConsultNet to allow the client’s senior staff to focus on the physical aspects of the move of people, inventory and office equipment. Having one overall project manager worked well and ConsultNet kept the client appraised during the pre, during and post move milestones.
Member of the Senior Team
The owner and his senior team were needed in the field and to oversee the final buildout and move of the people, furniture and warehouse. Managers were in short supply. ConsultNet operated as a full member of the overall planning team and executed their portion with near flawless result. All infrastructure was migrated over without any sort of production interruption.

ConsultNet HVAC customer service
The HVAC company and it’s owner, staff and customers received a stress free move, at least on the IT side. Systems which drove customer orders and high customer service were covered with a redundant system to ensure no break in service.

ConsultNet had already earned it’s way into the Senior Team at this client, but the benefits was exaggerated during the move. The client was able to continue to focus on hiring their best talent for other critical spots. IT talent was provided by relying on ConsultNet.

The company enjoyed continuity of service and continued to grow during the move duration.

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